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Private lecturer Dr. Uwe Konerding

Empirical Research Methods and Statistics for Medicine, Psychology, Health, and Social Issues:

Counselling and Support


Overview over the Service

I provide counselling and support for empirical research in medicine, psychology, health, and social issues. I am specialised in psycho-social research referring to interventions addressing human behaviour and/or human feeling and in the measurement of patient-oriented outcome parameters as for example health-related quality of life. The focus of the psycho-social research is on evaluation research. This encompasses the whole spectrum from formative to summative evaluation, i.e. from research for guiding the development of interventions to research for investigating the effectiveness of originally existing interventions. All parts of the empirical research from processing of literature over study design and statistical analyses to final publication are addressed. Accordingly, the service comprises the following modules:

I can cooperate with you in different ways:

Organisational issues

I am affiliated to both the BASIS-Institut für soziale Planung, Beratung und Gestaltung GmbH in Bamberg and, via the Trimberg Research Academy, to the University of Bamberg. Moreover, presently I am working as a substitute as a professor for Health-, Work- and Organisational Psychology at the Witten/Herdecke University. I execute common research projects either as member of the BASIS-Institut or as member of the University of Bamberg, depending on the kind of project. Contract research as well as counselling and support for qualification theses are usually performed within the BASIS-Institut. My office is within the rooms of the BASIS-Institut. There is a direct connection with train from all larger cities in Franconia as for example Würzburg, Bayreuth, Erlangen, Fürth or Nürnberg.

About my person

I hold a doctor and a post-doctoral lecturer qualification in psychology. The focus of my expertise is on empirical research methods and statistics and I have long experience in research and research counselling in the health area. I am a member of the following professional associations

work as a reviewer for various scientific journals, regularly for

and keep lectures at the University of Bamberg.

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